A sample of books written or translated by Katrin Gygax

Flat Switzerland, by Katrin Gygax
A cycling guide for people who love to relax and enjoy the ride. All of these 33 day trips are flat or downhill (with a few gentle rises here and there): leisurely pedaling along rivers, picnic stops at spectacular lakes, cruising descents through verdant valleys. Also available in German (Flache Schweiz) and French (La Suisse zero dénivelé).
ISBN 978-3-907293-67-6


Today's Office Looks Like This, by Katrin Gygax
An unconventional guide to Switzerland that offers inspiration for mobile workers, with 60 non-traditional offices: some moving, some stationary. The guide includes humorous essays, tips on where eat, what to see, and ideas for activities along the way.
ISBN 978-3-03774-067-5


The Sorcerer's Apprentice, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
with additional texts by Anita Spielmann-Spengler and Fritz Huser

Goethe's classic story about the sorcerer's apprentice who gets in over his head.
Including a modern translation of Goethe's poem by Katrin Gygax (Out of print).
ISBN 978-3-9524280-4-7


Typically Swiss, I Guess, by Katrin Gygax
In this contribution to the book "Ticking Along Free", Katrin Gygax explains what she's doing in Switzerland and why the ideal job requires a decent pair of pyjamas.
ISBN 3-905252-02-3


Patrouille Suisse Backstage, by Urs Mattle
Translated by Katrin Gygax
The story of Patrouille Suisse, the aerobatic display team of the Swiss Air Force.
ISBN 978-3-909111-76-3


The Golden Age of Alpine Ski-ing, by Max D. Amstutz
Translated by Katrin Gygax
The history of downhill skiing, from its origins in Mürren, Switzerland to the present.
ISBN 978-3-909111-79-4


The Home of FIFA
The official publication for the inauguration of FIFA's new headquarters in 2007

Translated by Katrin Gygax
An architectural description of FIFA's offices in Zurich.
ISBN-13 978-3-9523264-5-9


A Crash Course in Mathematica, by Stephan Kaufmann
Translated by Katrin Gygax
A compact introduction to the software programme Mathematica.
ISBN 3-7643-6127-1


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